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Project Respect

The project is aimed at Sri Lankan young adults, aged 13-19, to raise awareness on respect values for all humans alike, and on sexual health and well-being awareness.


Our mission is grounded in fundamental yet

significant values aimed at fostering a more unified

and respectful society. The specific focus of this

project is on engaging with youths aged 13-19 in Sri

Lanka, with the aspiration of inspiring and guiding

them during this crucial stage of their lives. Our

selection of topics stems from the recognition that

certain subjects are often considered taboo, yet

addressing them is essential for a better

understanding of society as they transition into



Our project is structured around two core


The first revolves around raising

awareness about the importance of respecting all

individuals for their intrinsic human worth,

regardless of their age, gender, sexual orientation,

race, religion, class, caste, physical appearance,

abilities, wealth, or possessions. Simultaneously,

we emphasize the significance of self-respect and

environmental stewardship.

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The second aspect of our mission centers on

promoting awareness and understanding of sexual

health, equipping young individuals with the

knowledge and tools needed to safeguard their

well-being and that of others.

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