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The Focus of Our Efforts

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This project was created for young adults, aged 13-18 who live in Sri Lanka. There are various prejudices amongst all societies including Sri Lankan society that caused misunderstandings, hate, divide, hurt and even loss of lives. WE Sri Lanka  created this project to remind young adults that though we may have ample amounts of differences between us, we should treat ourselves, others and the environment with utmost care and respect in order to create a fairer and happy society. Project Respect also brings awareness to Sexual Health topics such as consent, protection and changes during puberty. Once again, this is aimed to remind young adults that though there are differences between ourselves, our bodies and other people’s bodies, they should be treated with kindness in order to face adulthood with confidence and a positive outlook.

WE Sri Lanka plan to hold workshops across Sri Lanka, comprising of two sessions: a discussion based presentation and case study based workshops. Until the pandemic restrictions are lifted, we are currently carrying out these sessions as virtual workshops for young adults. 



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Supporting tea estate workers

On Thursday 9th December, Women’s Empowerment Sri Lanka donated 50 packs of dry rations to Tea Estate Workers in Hatton Sri Lanka experiencing hardship during the COVID Crisis. Each package contained 10kg rice, 4kg flour, 1kg sugar, 1kg lentils, 1kg soya, 500g dried fish. 

This project was made possible through funds raised money raised from the WE Village Rice Food fundraiser. A huge thank you to everyone who played a part in making this happen, through purchasing food or helping to promote, cook or deliver it. 

This is only the beginning of this relationship with this Tea Estate  community. Please look out for future fundraising activities or if you are interested in participating in future enrichment projects, do message us at

Thank you all 🙏💛


Image by Nandhu Kumar

This project stemmed from a desire to create a space specifically to encourage focus on women's wellbeing and to inform, raise awareness and openly discuss women's health topics considered more taboo in the Sri Lankan community and beyond. 


  • We currently offer free virtual mindfulness sessions run every other month by our experienced practitioners Anupama and Lushani. 

  • Our free virtual Zumba lessons, run weekly by Manoka, are a fantastic way to get fit from your living room. (Please note classes are on a hiatus and  recommence in September 2021). No prior sign up is required for these events. Please feel free to join using the Zoom link in the events description. 



We hold virtual talks and discussion sessions with experienced health practitioners on topics, which have previously included obstetrics & gynaecology, menopause and breast cancer. Keep your eyes peeled for more events to come, and please do email us if you have any suggestions.


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WE Teach

WE Sri Lanka run a series of classes to help empower women through sharing knowledge and skills. Classes are delivered on a weekly basis by our team of member volunteers. 

WE Teach English
WE Sri Lanka holds weekly virtual beginners English classes for women in Sri Lanka and the U.K.  

WE Teach ‘Life in the U.K.’
Coming soon!


Sharing knowledge and teaching others is rewarding in itself, while also helping to enhance your own teachings, presentation and organisational skills. 

Contact us to find out more, either as a potential student or a volunteer: to find out more.

WE Teach


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