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Supporting Tea Estate Workers

Since 2021, WE Sri Lanka has

been actively involved in providing

essential dry ration donations to the most

vulnerable families within the tea

plantation communities. This initiative was

launched in response to the worsening

economic crisis, which left numerous

families grappling with the challenge of

affording basic food necessities. Over time,

our organisation has come to recognise the

fundamental importance of food security as

a basic human need that must be met

before other needs can be effectively



To provide regular essential food relief to the tea estate’s most neediest families.

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About the Tea Estate Community

Despite Ceylon Tea being world renowned, the Tea Estate worker community, the vast majority of whom are women remains one of the most socially, politically and economically deprived and outcast in Sri Lanka.


Structural discrimination and historical marginalisation arising from their previous statelessness status maintains distancing from the state and dependency on and exploitation by their employers, the plantation companies.


Consequently, this population is profoundly affected by poverty, hunger, poor health, lack of access to education and gender inequality; all factors which have been further devastated by the current economic crisis in Sri Lanka, resulting in increasing hunger and destitution 


Future plans and vision

While legislative changes are urgently required to enhance the wages and working conditions of tea estate workers, WE Sri Lanka aspires to play a pivotal role in advocating for this marginalised community.

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